Our Guarantee to you

Never Pay Too Much
We're determined to give you the best service and products at the lowest prices. We frequently monitor our competition to ensure the best prices in Canada.


Sex Toys Low Price Guarantee

If within 36 days of your purchase you find on any other Canadian internet company a lower price than what is listed on our website, we will then issue you a refund for the price difference and give you a discount on a future purchase. This guarantee applies only on any new adult toy.

Please note, in order to do a price comparison, you will be required to provide the link to the competitor's website showing the following information on their product page:

- Competitor's product price plus shipping and handling charges
- Item SKU number listed on the competitor's website

Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply on discounts, rebates, coupons, close outs, bulk or bundle sales by a competitor. The maximum quantity per product that this guarantee applies to is 1 (one). Please also note that the item SKU number listed on the competitor's website must be the same as the SKU number listed on our website. If the competitor does not list the SKU number on their product page then this Guarantee does not apply.

For more information please email us.